"But that's the beautiful thing about hope, is it not? It may be crushed, it may wither, but it will always rise again, and with it, you."
- Mara to Luke, The Bow of Water

Mara Delacroix is an equium and an ice elementalist. She is currently attending the Selerian Academy.

Early Life Edit

Mara Delacroix was born on 11 February 2001 in Paris. When she was two years old, her father was mysteriously killed in a car crash. Her mother, Caroline Delacroix, took her and her sister Katalina Delacroix, who was then twelve, to New York for a better life. One year later, her brother, Max Delacroix was born. Two years later, Katalina disappeared one night. Mara recalled that Caroline was cursing "those Members" and had said that Katalina was "somewhere she wouldn't want to go".

When Mara was eleven, she was chasing Max around the house, who had taken her book. To escape her, Max climbed on a cabinet. In anger, Mara unknowingly used her elemental power to bind Max's legs on the cabinet with ice.

The Selerian Academy Series Edit

The Sword of Ice Edit

On a chilly January night, Mara was sitting in front of the fireplace reading a book. She was lost in the world of Percy Jackson and his friends when Caroline called her for biscuits. They were lost in the conversation when their house began to shake.

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